Great news came in recent hours. Telegram has just announced that advertising will be a reality in its service, an aspect that undoubtedly excites many companies and users who have built a solid community around this platform.

The new advertising solution will be visible on public and massive channels (with more than a thousand subscribers) and will have a minimum cost of 2 euros (about 47 Mexican pesos) per sponsored message.

Telegram already has advertising, this is how it works

The possibilities are many and the initial prices per ad open hundreds of opportunities to strengthen commercial communication from a platform that has not stopped growing.

Recall that in recent weeks, Telegram announced that it has exceeded one billion downloads on Android, a goal that was undoubtedly driven by the failures registered during the past me in Facebook services.

Telegram and its questionable 2 million euros

Although the user base offered by this new advertising platform is especially attractive, the truth is that interested advertisers should consider an advance payment of 2 million euros (exactly 46 million 840 thousand 776 Mexican pesos).

The advance payment would be a measure with which Telegram seeks to “guarantee and maintain a high quality of advertising content” in this test period of the tool.

In this way, those interested in being the first to test the Telegram ads must make an advance payment of a minimum of 2 million euros with certain clauses.

And is that if the advertiser does not spend 10 million in a year the platform will keep a million. This is how they have let it be seen reports from different media who have cited Telegram’s explanation to this measure:

When the 2 million euros are paid, Telegram retains 1 million euros as a deposit and makes the remaining sum available to the advertiser to spend on displaying ads. If the contract is terminated and the advertiser spent less than € 10 million on ads within the previous 12 months, Telegram retains the € 1 million deposit.

The measure is striking and although it has a justified function, it could reduce the interest of many brands to join this new collaborative opportunity with Telegram, even when the amount of deposit is expected to decrease in the next 2 or 3 months.

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The UnoCero team contacted the Telegram communication team to corroborate this information and we are awaiting an official position.

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