Amouranth plans to quit OnlyFans and invests in Twitch

Amouranth plans to quit OnlyFans and invests in Twitch

Currently, one of the main creators of content and streaming in Twitterit is Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusawho also has an account within onlyfansalthough that could end soon, since last Tuesday, April 12, the content creator commented that could leave this platform from the month of June.

All this stems from a tweet he shared, where he mentions that he had made an investment of $350,000-$400,000 in Twitterand that he had plans to “move” the influencers of the platform and make the economy of the platform activate even more, since the creator thinks that “to what is traditionally the domain and competition of legacy media”so he promised to give more details this weekend.

Now, according to a leak from Twitter and the unofficial TwitchTracker, Amouranth is the most viewed female creator and the second highest earner on the platform, as she is the face of “jacuzzi goal”the most provocative creator of Twitter and from the “ear licking meta”, in addition to his considerable viewership on the streaming platform, he also earns a significant amount of income on onlyfans.

And in his process of moving away from “be an e-girl”not surprisingly, since the live streaming platform Twitch, which has rules against sexual content, in which it frequently bans or demonetizes, for which Amouranth has acknowledged that “The whole hot girl thing obviously physically can’t last forever”.

This announcement comes after Amouranth have made several other recent business investments, such as the stock of ActivisionBlizzardthe purchase of an inflatable pool company and the purchase of a gas station for $110,000.

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Additionally, he outlined his career pivot plans in a follow-up tweet, stating that he is investing in content that is “unlike anything I’ve ever done”and invited other content creators to talk to her about “diversify a bit from your bread and butter”and in response to a concerned tweet about users paying for their onlyfans, Amouranth said he would film more content to release slowly as his career turnaround occurs, and that fansites “they have a large backlog”.

So, two days after the initial tweet, Amouranth tweeted that “something” happened “legally” could not speak, but would share the news in Youtube Y Twitter when he could, and also mentioned that he would give an update interview on “Friday night”.

So so far his statements are somewhat vague, and in general they seem to be something positive, although in the same thread of the tweet he commented: “The real lesson is to find something that is nascent enough and perceived as uncertain and risky enough to offer outsized rewards for a modicum of professionalism”and that’s all you’ve mentioned so far.