Amazon Echo speaker at a bargain price… and with a gift!

Amazon Echo speaker at a bargain price… and with a gift!

If you have decided that you want to use the Alexa voice assistant in any corner of your house, you may be looking to get a smart speaker that allows you to get it in the living room with good quality. Right now you can get the latest version of Amazon Echo with a great discount and a gift that you are sure to love.

The model we are talking about is far superior to the Dot, the smallest that the well-known online store has on the market, in the sound section. This is because inside you will find a system 2.1 consisting of two tweeters of twenty millimeters that combines perfectly with a woofer 76mm for ultra-high precision across all ranges and excellent definition bass. Therefore, this model is completely valid to enjoy the sound to the fullest (it is even compatible with Dolby).

Something that makes the offer we are talking about especially recommendable is that, in addition to getting the speaker we are talking about, you also get a smart light bulb Philips Hue gift that you can control with your voice and that uses an E27 socket. Therefore, you will go one step further to achieve a digital home. paying only 69.99 euros… Which is 30% less than what you would normally have to spend to have both devices at home. An excellent offer that you can take advantage of in the following link where you do not pay anything for shipping if you have a Prime account:

Very simple installation of the Amazon Echo

This is something that must be very clear, since thanks to an application that is available for free both for ios as for Android, in just five minutes at most you have the device perfectly configured with the corresponding Internet access (through Wifi) that is necessary in order to get the most out of your smart speaker. The steps are not very intuitive, and the truth is that the work done by Amazon in this regard is most remarkable. In short: you don’t have to be an expert to be able to use this accessory, far from it.

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There are many positive things

Of those that we think are most interesting is the large number of functions that you can take advantage of when using this device, since in addition to being able to ask questions to get an answer, you can also manage all compatible accessories you have at home) such as TVs or smart plugs). Besides, entertainment is very present when using the Amazon Echo, since for example you can directly access the contents of platforms such as Prime Music, Deezer and, of course, Spotify. Therefore, it will be rare that you do not get a great use out of this product.

Amazon Echo speaker buttons

Something that is also very striking is these speakers is the function called Drop in. With it you can send messages to other models that you have connected to the same WiFi network at home, which makes it possible to be in communication with the family in a simple way … and call them for lunch or simply to wake them up in the morning. The truth is that they are many options for use of the Amazon Echo and, therefore, taking advantage of the offer we are talking about is an excellent idea.

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