amazing fan art of Mystique, Psylocke and more mutants #Marvel

amazing fan art of Mystique, Psylocke and more mutants #Marvel

In short, on social networks, you can find any number of interesting things.

The incredible thing about fan art is that you show us new versions of some of the best-known characters in the world of Comics, Video Games and more.

That’s how we found a designer who offers well-made versions of some of the Favorite Super Heroines of Marvel.

In Instagram, you can find it as Ayyasap, the girl who already has a subscription to Patreon, has almost 70 thousand followers, who widely enjoy his deliveries and constantly ask him for new characters to design.

And taking advantage of the fact that this franchise already has a large number of followers, we have chosen some of his best works from this animated series and comics.

Which have already reached the cinema screens repeatedly, which keeps them current and always present among the favorites of the followers of Marvel.

On this occasion, we will show you their versions of 6 powerful girls exits from the comics of the X Men, we talk about Psylocke, Storm, Mystique, Rogue, Kitty Pryde and X-23.

We chose this artist, since we think she does a very good job of illustration. She already enjoys a certain popularity, but that is not an impediment to sharing some of her interesting proposals with you.

Its creator has given us many illustrations, so it won’t be the last time we enjoy her work in our entertainment section.

We hope that these interesting works are to your liking. And as we have mentioned before, we will continue to share more interesting fan art that we find on the net, let us know if these works are to your liking, in the meantime, continue on eGamesNews.

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