As it happens every week, a new Red Dead Online update is available now, bringing with it varied content to keep the Wild West alive and its player base that has been growing by the day. Although, in this new weekly update of the online mode of Red Dead Redemption 2, players can earn double RDO $ and EXP for stealing Il Sovrano, To Arms bonuses, discounts, and much more. In addition, since last week the Quick Draw 4 Club has been available.

The yellow diamond Il Sovrano, is in Rhodes, a short stop on its way to the Sacramento State Fair. This week, all players who manage to enter and leave the city with the diamond will receive double RDO $ and EXP. Additionally, until October 18, completing any Blood Money opportunity will reward you with a free skill card and a 30% discount on any weapon.

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new Red Dead Online update

Regarding bonuses and other types of extras, we find all the To Arms maps that are once again available with double EXP. Join a persistent squad in any To Arms mode to earn 3,000 Club XP. In addition, other types of rewards such as 5 Capitale bonuses for reaching wave 3, 5 more bonuses for reaching wave 7 or 10 Capitale bonuses and 2,000 character EXP for reaching wave 10. Among the rewards we have this week, Red Dead Online players who log in will receive 100 High Velocity Rifle Ammo and another 100 Revolver.

Finally, we leave you with the discounts that are available thanks to the new Red Dead Online update:

  • All rifles are discounted by 30%.
  • 40% discount on ammo creation guides.
  • 30% on skill cards.
  • Hats 30% cheaper.
  • Mustangs cost 30% less.

Red Dead Redemption Remaster could be announced in 2022 including all these improvements

new Red Dead Online update