Alina Becker removes Chainsaw Man’s Makima from the screen

Alina Becker removes Chainsaw Man’s Makima from the screen

One of the great advantages of cosplay is that the artists who practice this art, can choose any character they want, as long as they have the talent to carry out said task, and this is the case of the beautiful and talented Alina Becker who has taken Makima off the screen of chainsaw man.

chainsaw man It has been catapulted as one of the manga / anime of the moment, and obviously this is also reflected in the field of cosplayers, as this shows cosplay of Makima made by the beautiful Alina Beckerwhich practically has taken off the screen the character with a rather psychedelic result.

the sleeve of chainsaw man, written by Tatsuki Fujimoto, stages a world in which human fears come to life in the form of demons of various kinds. Within this chaotic and unsettling reality, Makima He is an officer specialized in hunting “devils”, therefore, a specialized, experienced and icy fighter, who becomes a bit fond of the protagonist Denji, appreciating his ability to kill the creatures, in collaboration with the Devil’s Chainsaw.

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The interpretation of Alina Becker perfectly reproduces the character of Makima, with her coldness and great charm, with extreme attention to the reconstruction of the costume, the chains and of course, her beauty goes a long way to make this whole ensemble quite convincing. Also note the anime-style background, which recalls the psychedelic atmosphere of the series.

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