Alina Becker falls in love with a cosplay of Jill Valentine from Resident Evil 3

Alina Becker falls in love with a cosplay of Jill Valentine from Resident Evil 3

The cosplay community often presents us with amazing characterizations of our favorite characters from the Video Game Industry, so artists and models from around the world give us an idea of ​​what they would look like in real life, and today the theme turns on around the protagonist of the remake of Resident Evil 3.

Something that seems quite striking to us is that the female character of Jill Valentine is one of the most beloved in the Resident Evil saga, and that is that Capcom knew how to create a character, of which more than one fan was delighted, and today she appears to us in the flesh in a charming cosplay.

This characterization of Jill Valentine was made by the beautiful cosplayer model Alina Becker, better known as japp_leack, on her official Instagram account, in a version that has left more than one Resident Evil fan open-mouthed. While this cosplay is identical to her original version of Capcom’s beloved character, the rendition of has given us room to show off the model’s striking silhouette.

In the publication of her official Instagram account we can see how Alina Becker manages to perfectly recreate Jill Valentine’s appearance and goes further, just as usual in the model’s excellent work. Both the costumes, makeup, hairstyle and even the accessories, in this case the gun, faithfully reproduce Jill Valentine’s design.

For those who are not into the Resident Evil 3 video game, we will tell you that Jill is a member of the STARS, a special task force in the Raccoon City Police Department. She is a specialist in combat tactics, disarming booby traps and picking locks thanks to her time in the Delta Force.

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Thanks to her experience in the training of the United States force, Jill Valentine manages to be one of the survivors of the incident that occurred in the Arklay Mountains and Raccoon City, and the beautiful Russian model has paid tribute to such an amazing character from Resident Evil.