A workout to show off Kate Middleton’s arms, Rihanna’s new mask, a luxury getaway to Menorca and other beauty signings

A workout to show off Kate Middleton’s arms, Rihanna’s new mask, a luxury getaway to Menorca and other beauty signings

A review of current beauty never hurts. For this reason, one more week we focus on feeling beautiful inside and out with a few essentials with which we can not only shape body, mind, skin and mood, but we can also take care of ourselves as we deserve.

A workout to show off Kate Middelton’s arms

Just like last week with Queen Letizia’s abs, this week we’ve been impressed with Kate Middleton’s arms at the Top Gun premiere in London. For this reason, we wanted to know how we could achieve them too, for which Sara Álvarez, co-founder and creator of the RETO48 methodology, has explained to us which exercises are the most effective with which to show off your arms.

kate middleton

Thus, everything would start with triceps exercises that we would perform standing up and with the arms stretched upwards and a dumbbell in each hand, take them behind the head with the elbows bent until the hands touch the back and return to the initial position.

It also proposes standing lateral elevations and with your arms at your sides and slightly bent, raise them with a dumbbell in each hand until they are at shoulder height and return to the starting position; the push-ups, the shoulder press that we perform lying on our back with our arms stretched upwards with two dumbbells that we lower vertically towards our chest, with our elbows open at a 45º angle; or the bicep curls with two dumbbells that we will raise up and down while standing (classic movement).

48 Hour Challenge

In any case, Sara Álvarez points out, “You don’t have to obsess over the weight printed on the dumbbells. The key to knowing if it is enough is that the last three repetitions cost you a lot of effort. When this is no longer the case, it is time to increase your weight from kilo to kilo, or adding one more iron in the case of working your arms with devices”.

A campaign to protect the skin

Today we have to talk about the new Cantabria Labs campaign on the occasion of the next World Melanoma Day: “Goal Zero Melanoma”a new initiative of its awareness campaign “Leave your skin in what is important, protect yourself from the sun” in which it has its ambassador, the athlete Rafa Nadal, to help make society aware of the importance of taking care of what is important, health and preventing skin diseases.

This is the new Endocare retinol serum, a great ally against skin aging that we have already tested

Cantabria Labs

For this reason, with the help of the tennis player they have created a challenge that encourages in an Instagram “hand challenge” to memorize the 3 steps to be “ok” in front of the sun and contribute to reach the number #0melanoma: protect and repair your skin, combine oral and topical photoprotection and, lastly, check your moles and go to your dermatologist.

Among the essentials of the brand that is among our favorites we have the Heliocare 360º SPF50+ Oil-Free Gel (19.64 euros), the Heliocare 360º capsules (36.53 euros) or the Heliocare 360º SPF50+ Airgel (18.61 euros).

Heliocare Gel Oil-Free Spray Advance SPF50 50ml

Heliocare Gel Oil-Free Spray Advance SPF50 50ml

A getaway to Minorca

Barceló Nura 13

This week we want to propose a luxury getaway to Menorca, specifically to the hotel Barceló Nura a few meters from the Mediterranean Sea, which means that it is in a perfect place to enjoy a retreat wellness in which the sea is the main axis. Taking advantage of its benefits and properties, the withdrawal Into the Sea Retreat offers an exclusive experience for enjoy nature and take care of body, mind and soul During two days.

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Barceló Nura - two people 2 nights on weekends

Barceló Nura – two people 2 nights on weekends

Barceló Nura 6

The hotel, with a 5* category and located in the south of the island of Menorca, offers a comprehensive and personalized program that combines the best of yoga, fitness and the universe wellness, what makes it an experience mindfulness to strengthen the connection between body and mind in an enclave of authentic luxury.

Flight Madrid - Menorca: Friday, May 27 - Sunday, May 29

Flight Madrid – Menorca: Friday, May 27 – Sunday, May 29

Barceló Nura 11

Rihanna’s face mask

One of the latest novelties that Fenty Skin has left us is the mask detox facial Cookies N Clean, a whipped clay mask detoxifying, fragrance-free, what visibly tightens the pores, reduces excess oil and smoothes the texture of the skin, without drying it out. The clean, vegan and gluten-free formula is suitable for all skin types (even sensitive!) and instantly improves skin texture throughout the day.

fenty beauty

Come on, if you are looking for a mask that cleanses the skin without drying it out (I attest), this is a great option that we found at Sephora for a price of 31.99 euros.

Fenty Skin Cookies N Clean Whipped Clay Detox Face Mask by Fenty Skin

Fenty Skin Cookies N Clean Whipped Clay Detox Face Mask by Fenty Skin

The first Dyson beauty tour in Spain

We had to tell you this news. And it is that on the occasion of the launch of its new Dyson Airwrap Multifunction Styler, for the first time, Dyson travels the country starting from Barcelona, ​​passing through Madrid, Santander and Seville until reaching Valencia, with a beauty educational tour. A Dyson styling cube, a two-story space that will host free styling sessions with the new gadget as the protagonist.

Styling Cube Dyson

With the intention of offering personalized hair care sessions with a Dyson expert, guests will also learn how to get the most out of the new styler, trying out different styling options to suit their hair type. Come on, we can’t miss it.

Dyson Airwrap Complete Long multifunction styler (Nickel/Copper)

Dyson Airwrap Complete Long multifunction styler (Nickel/Copper)

A cosmetic to show off your legs

A few weeks ago Somatoline launched its latest bet for body care, specifically the legss and we couldn’t help but tell you about him.

It’s about some reducing action draining bandages of shock with which Somatoline has been inspired by the bandage of aesthetic centers, with the maximum salt concentration. In fact, as they are enriched with Birch oil, which has a toning action, they leave the skin soft, silky and smooth.

Somatolin 3

It is an innovative professional shock action treatment that uses the osmotic process to intensely drain and reduce localized fat in the first application thanks to a formula that contains a saline mixture with a intensive osmotic action: pure salts, rich in essential trace elements, and Magnesium Sulfate, which applied as a bandage drain fluids retained in the tissues, favor the elimination of toxins and stimulate the reactivation of skin microcirculation.

Somatolin 2

In addition, it contains Plant Escin, Caffeine and other cosmetic active ingredients that facilitate drainage and reduce the circumferences of the treated areas, improve skin microcirculation and stimulate reactivation of physiological processes. Without a doubt, a product that is worth trying with a price of 18.74 euros.

SOMATOLINE Draining Bandages Starter Pack

SOMATOLINE Draining Bandages Starter Pack

Other interesting offers

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