A player completes Elden Ring without ever attacking.

A player completes Elden Ring without ever attacking.

The idea that a find that a player complete Elden Ring without ever attacking it seems absurd. There are so many enemies throughout the game that defending yourself can seem inevitable. However, one dedicated player put this to the test and proved that you can become Lord of Elden without attacking even once. FromSoftware fans are no strangers to self-imposed challenges, which can range from the simplest to the most unique.

It is often about try to finish the game or a boss without blows or without deaths, sometimes both, but there are also those who take things to a whole other level by implementing restrictions outside of the game, such as using unorthodox controllers or even being blindfolded. But finishing Elden Ring without attacking is certainly off the charts.

Complete the first no hit game of Elden Ring

A player completes Elden Ring without ever attacking.

The YouTuber Iron Pineapple provided the delivery of a unique challenge when he decided to finish Elden Ring without ever attacking. The strategy relies heavily on a gameplay mechanic unique to this title: summoning ashes. With the help of some clever exploits, gravity, healing spells, and weapon upgrades to power the use of summoning ashes, Iron Pineapple proved that this strategy is totally viable.

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The youtuber successfully managed to overcome all of Elden Ring without attacking. The list of exclusive achievements of Elden Ring players does not stop growing and does not necessarily cover the scope of the entire game.

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