A GTA V bug allows players to reach completely unknown underground locations

A GTA V bug allows players to reach completely unknown underground locations


All games today have bugs, whatever the type, but open world games are especially vulnerable to these types of errors due to their size and complexity. Not even GTA V is free of bugs despite being a 2013 game with dozens of updates behind it. The latest reported bug has gone quite viral for allowing the player traverse the ground and see the underworld of the map.

Imagine that you are so calm driving your motorcycle in GTA V, maybe a little faster than you should, a car crosses you and you have an accident. You shoot out of the bush and when you get up the stage disappears and you find yourself like an empty sandbox where you can see the underground of the stage. It is exactly what has happened to a GTA V player.

Image of the protagonists of GTA V

As a user has shared through the Reddit forums, GTA V has some kind of bug that pushes the character to an “intermediate level” of the stage Which shouldn’t be reachable, so it looks like a development environment where only the lower rooms are visible. Check out

It is not very clear why this particular error occurs, but It seems to be something related to the topic of physics. Some users point out that once he has been thrown off the motorcycle and is on the ground, there is not enough space up to the lamppost so that he can perform the animation correctlyso the character is pushed offstage.

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An alleged leaked GTA VI trailer appears from the Rockstar account

Upcoming news from GTA V

According to the latest leaks, while we are still waiting for news from GTA VI, Rockstar would be preparing a new expansion for GTA Online that would take players back to liberty city. It would not be a coincidence, since it is also said that the company would have a remake or remastering of GTA IV, a delivery that takes place in this city that imitates New York.

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