A fan rented a movie theater to play Elden Ring

A fan rented a movie theater to play Elden Ring

With a multitude of classes to choose from, different weapons to pick up, and a plethora of abilities the player can create, Elden Ring has a lot of customization available in the game. The latest action RPG from famed studio FromSoftware has been praised for allowing its players to take on the Middle Lands in so many ways.

In addition to the customization options of Elden Ring, fans are finding many new and interesting ways to play. Previously, a disabled player showed on social media how he was able to play the game incredibly well with just his left foot and right hand.

Now a fan is showing off his experience with the game as he posted a picture on reddit in a room cinema empty. Although it is not a totally new concept for gamers to rent a movie theater to play their favorite titles.

User cute_homie posted a photo from the back of a movie theater, captioned Elden Ring on the screen of cinema. She managed to have the cinema to himself because, unfortunately, the business was going to close in a few days. Still, cute_homie managed to make the most of this situation, as he got a new way to play Elden Ring.

games and rooms cinema They have a bit of history between them. Just like gamers rent a movie theater so they can play a game on their own, movie theaters have also hosted gaming events from time to time.

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