A fan creates a Dark Souls-style adventure in the Minecraft video game

A fan creates a Dark Souls-style adventure in the Minecraft video game

The community of Minecraft players is used to letting their imagination run wild with amazing creations within the sandbox title, and we could say that it is a quality that LEGO and Minecraft have in common, in which they allow you to create a lot of things and that your imagination is the limit of what they offer.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that this is why Mojang’s block video game has remained a relevant product for so long. That’s also why we have stories like the one about a player who made a Dark Souls-style adventure in Minecraft.

Dark Souls is one of the most influential games of this century and, in addition to inspiring developers, it has also inspired fans. We say this because DanRay19’s Minecraft creation is not a replica of any of FromSoftware’s worlds, rather it is an adventure inspired by the Dark Souls saga.

It is an adventure in a dark world with various biomes that have enemy positioning that will really challenge you. There will also be boss battles, and the game has even been tweaked to have more elaborate combat than traditional Minecraft.

As you will see in the preview that we share, it is a very complex and complete project. This is so since it is an adventure that DanTay19 has worked on for more than 5 years. Almost the development time that many AAA mega-productions have.

The bad news is that this Dark Souls-style Minecraft adventure doesn’t have a release date. So, for the moment, the only thing we can do is fill ourselves with patience and wait for her creator to feel that she is ready to debut and show herself to the whole world.

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