A fan art shows us the more daring side of Hinoa and Minoto from Monster Hunter Rise

A fan art shows us the more daring side of Hinoa and Minoto from Monster Hunter Rise

All Monster Hunter fans are getting into the Monster Hunter Rise installment, and it is that, over several years, we have been able to enjoy a large number of installments of the beloved Capcom franchise. Being one of the most beloved franchises of all time, it has a large number of fans around the world, in which some show their affection with the making of Fan arts.

Something that has caught our attention is that there are times when fans go even further, as many of these talented designers and cartoonists take their favorite video game characters as a source of inspiration, and on this On occasion they have decided to take two of the maidens that appear in the Monster Hunter Rise video game.

Best of all, many express their affection for the video game with the realization of unique fan arts. Although on some occasions this can get out of the hands of the term “suitable for the whole family”, and is that some fan arts can be risque, although maintaining all the essence of the beloved franchise.

This is the case of a fan art dedicated to the female characters of Hinoa and Minoto from Monster Hunter Rise, which presents the beautiful maidens in their most attractive version, in a style of the most unique in High-res version. This fan art was made by the talented artist zumidraws.

We must mention that these versions of Hinoa and Minoto have not lost the opportunity to show us how beautiful these trainers are, even by modifying their appearance a little and showing us a design a little far from the most classic clothes, which will surely leave more than one with open mouth.

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