A fan art shows us a unique version of Kainé

A fan art shows us a unique version of Kainé

Nier Replicant, is one of the deliveries that has been resounding the most in the video game industry, and we can say that it has gained a large number of fans over time, having an amazing cast of characters , how could it be the case with some dearly loved to inspire the most talented fans.

Something that we find quite striking is that a talented artist has decided to dedicate one of his creations to the Nier Replicant video game, more specifically to the female character of Kainé, in a version that will leave more than one Nier fan, with their mouths open.

Nier Replicant does not require a presentation within the video game industry, and it currently has an immense number of fans thanks to its unique playable characters. Best of all, this fan art was made by the talented artist, Zumidraws and posted on his official Instagram account, where he has shown us how beautiful this Kainé is.

The artist’s choice was the female character of Kainé, which allows us to see her in a High-res version, which becomes a dream for fans of the saga’s red bone. Within the lore of the franchise itself they tell us that:

“She is a fierce warrior who has half her body possessed by a Shadow. As she was harassed for being intersex, and to prevent the shadow, which is weak in sunlight, from continuing to possess her, Kainé decided to display her skin and dress Scantily clad. Despite his appearance, his attitude and vocabulary are brash and violent. He is a somewhat rough person who eats without stopping. He brandishes two swords and annihilates all the Shadows that dare to stand in his way. “

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His official page tells us that Kainé is a partner and tritagon player of NieR, who ends up accompanying Nier after he helps her kill Hook. She is possessed by a Gestalt who calls herself Tyrann, and as a result of her upbringing and Tyrann’s occupation of her body, she has a disposition to be rude and violent, but occasionally shows her friendlier side, especially towards Emil.

Regarding the appearance of the character, we can mention that she has pale cream-colored skin, and a voluptuous figure, with striking curves and a large bust, so she looks great in this recreation by Zumidraws.