A clever fan has created the “Muscular Gandalf” in Elden Ring

A clever fan has created the “Muscular Gandalf” in Elden Ring

Elden Ring’s character creator has allowed FromSoftware fans to be incredibly creative, with many of them bringing characters from other franchises into the world of the game. The last character adapted in Elden Ring is Gandalf, although there is something that differentiates this wizard from the version of The Lord of the Rings.

Although the popularity of Gandalf makes for a somewhat obvious inclusion within Elden RingIt’s not the only time someone has paid tribute to JRR Tolkien’s hugely influential franchise. Clever editing took Aragorn out of Middle-earth and showed his rise to Lord of the Eldenses, a process that was quite amusing.

Also, Sam and Frodo’s journey was recreated within Elden Ringshowing just how far Lord of the Rings fans are willing to go to show their love for what is considered one of the greatest works of fantasy history.

The unique version of Gandalf comes from reddit user and gamer Elden Ring, FilthyScavenger, which has provided several memorable aspects of its design. In the upper right corner of the collage, a close-up of the model can be seen, in which the fan shows Gandalf’s long beard and gray hair. His instantly recognizable nose is also present, and the zoom-out shows that he has donned elegant white robes, a look suitable for Gandalf the White.

However, this is not the name given to the character. The reason this custom character from Elden Ring has a different name is that it is not a perfect recreation of the original Gandalf. Although he has the same facial features and clothing, the images show that this version of the character is incredibly muscular.

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It is clear that this Gandalf he has found time to hit the gym ever since he arrived in the Midlands, and that effort has paid off. As such, he absolutely deserves the title of Gaindalf the Broad (where “Gain” is a play on words meaning gain in size).

With everyone from Snoop Dogg to Sonic the Hedgehog created within Elden Ring, Gandalf seems the most suitable inclusion. Given the positive reception of the post, it is to be hoped that the redditor will share more muscular characters from The Lord of the Rings within Elden Ring.