a celebration of two pizzas and many millions

a celebration of two pizzas and many millions

bitcoin pizza daya celebration that in the Bitcoin community and for the crypto ecosystem in general represents an important moment in its history. Laszlo Hanyecz He was the protagonist of this event that is remembered with emotion by many.

It all started days before when Laszlo, on May 18, 2010, shared on the Bitcointalk forum his desire to pay 10,000 BTC for two large pizzas.anticipating that he would have pizza left for the next day, since he liked to eat it reheated.

Buying these two Papa John’s pizzas for $41, which today equals $290 millionit was not a quick purchase, since the transaction was made four days after the request between Laszlo, who was the buyer, and another user of the same forum, called Jeremy Sturdivant but nicknamed ‘Jercos’.

a celebration of two pizzas and many millions

It was on May 22, 2010 when this programmer, bitcoiner and also a network miner at that time, made the famous purchase of two pizzas for the amount he himself offered. At that time Bitcoin did not have the monetary value that it has now, it was just a promise that very few knew, but it was that small act that showed that Bitcoin did have the potential to be used as real money without the need for a central body.

a celebration of two pizzas and many millions

Reason for regret?

There is a lot of talk about this event when it comes to Bitcoin, and in this sense, some think and refer that it was an act that should have made Lazslo very regretful seeing the price of the cryptocurrency today. However, he himself has repeatedly declared to the media, having repeated the same purchase for the same value on different occasions, thinking that it would be interesting to say that he bought pizza for bitcoins, and that he did not feel sorry for his action, since it contributed to demonstrate, as I mentioned before, the potential of Bitcoin and also, it was able to satisfy his desire to eat pizza.

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cause for celebration

Since then, in a traditional way, the bitcoiner community meets to celebrate this event since it marked a before and after in the history of cryptocurrency and not only of this, but also in the economy, since there are currently many people trading with Bitcoin, in addition to large companies such as Tesla, Microstrategy and governments like El Salvador who buy and trade with Bitcoins.

On one occasion Jercos, as a joke, said the following: “Give a man a pizza, he will eat for a day; let him buy pizza with Bitcoin, it will revolutionize the economy.”

This year marks the twelfth anniversary of that event that produced a financial revolution, and even in the midst of fear and general uncertainty regarding the value that cryptocurrency has today, it continues to excite the entire community. Its fans have made the hashtag “#BitcoinPizzaDay” a trend on Twitter and they also participate in events, raffles and enjoy those businesses that commemorate this day with discounts on their pizza menu.

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