There is very little time left for the ‘California Streaming’ event to begin, but there is still time to discover more details of the products that if we do not see today we will see in a few weeks. A bug has caused Amazon Japan to display a screen saver for the iPad mini 6, even with pictures of what they look like. At Gizmodo Japan they have been able to take screenshots.

And that aspect is what you imagine and has appeared in renders of some filter feeders: an iPad mini with the design of an iPad Pro without a Home button and with very little edges. The exact size of the screen would be 8.38 inches0.48 inches more than its previous models.

Event and launch in October, separated by a few days

Interesting is the expected release date of that protector: October 20. That date does not have to do with the launch date of the iPad mini, although it can give us an idea of ​​how long it will take to see it in stores. The truth is that it fits to be presented at an event next month to be launched a few days later.

It is not impossible that we will see it at the event this afternoon, but I would consider it unlikely. Perhaps what we will see today is the 9th generation iPad? We will not have to wait too long to resolve all these doubts.