5 games to watch in July

5 games to watch in July

Almost without realizing it, June has been left behind along with several events that gave us a glimpse of what the immediate future of the medium is, thus giving way to an always strange month of July thanks to the fact that it is usually a period of transition. between the season of announcements, with what is the season of strong premieres. Despite not being full of AAA releases, the next four weeks have forecast arrivals of considerable importance that we believe, you should take into account. here you go five titles that will surely turn heads during July this year.

F1 22

Without a doubt, Formula 1 is experiencing one of its best moments in a long time, this of course, after the impressive and very exciting season of 2021. Things this year continue to heat up and as usual, the time has come to be able to enjoy first-hand the highest category of motor sport. Codemasters returns to its old ways to give us F1 22, this of course, after several years doing the same with this license, launching extremely solid video games in all sections. For this year’s delivery we are also waiting for a very well-made title, although it should be mentioned that it will not have a story mode as it did with its predecessor. Either way, we’re pretty sure it’ll be another on-court triumph for the British studio recently bought by EA when its new game launches this July 1 on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.



Since it was shown a few months ago, we have all been extremely delighted with Stray’s proposal, a cyberpunk title developed by the independents at BlueTwelve Studio in which we will take on the role of a small cat that will have to make its way through several dangers and many, but many robots. The idea might sound silly but really, everything looks extremely good. It is important to mention that Annapurna Interactive appears as the publisher of this title, so we can be sure that it is something very special. You can enjoy this futuristic adventure on your PS4, PS5 or PC, on July 19.

live a live

One of the most beloved RPGs on the Super Famicom is finally coming to our region after a long time. That’s right, Live A Live, part of the golden age of role-playing and of course, one of Square Enix’s great works, will be launching on the Nintendo Switch on July 22. The interesting thing about this release is that we are not talking about a simple port of the 16-bit console, but about a complete remake in what they call 2D HD, that is, the game will come out with a look very similar to that of things like Octopath Traveler or Triangle Strategy. Needless to say, we are already dying to experience this great adventure that takes you through different eras in time.

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Azure Striker Gunvolt 3

Run & gun fans, it’s time to be very happy, because after a very long wait, Inti Creates is ready to launch the third part of the main line of its flagship series. That’s right, Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 will arrive on the Nintendo Switch on July 28 with the promise of expanding and improving what was done in its two fantastic predecessors. The truth is that we are more than excited about this premiere, because basically it is one of the great standards of the genre today. It only remains to cross our fingers so that our expectations are met, because in reality, everything can happen due to more experience and talent that there is in the developer studio. In case you are interested in a physical copy, Limited Run will be publishing a series of editions.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3

The time has come to close the great trilogy. After having become one of the most important developer studios for Nintendo and the medium, Monolith Soft is ready to launch Xenoblade Chronicles 3, which will follow up on everything achieved in past installments of this acclaimed series that little by little has become one of the greatest representatives of the modern RPG. Everything presented up to this moment of the title has us extremely excited and we are sure, it will be an adventure that, in the end, is completely up to what we are expecting. Get ready to experience this gigantic world when it arrives exclusively on Nintendo Switch on July 29.