40 other key concepts to improve your understanding of the world

40 other key concepts to improve your understanding of the world

You wanted a second part of the 40 key concepts to understand the world. Here you have it. Another 40 more. With much more information and sources.

In your life you will have received so much counterintuitive information in such a short time. 15 minutes equivalent to a year. Guaranteed. Welcome to this hyper-mega-compressed pill for your brain.

1. Look for causes, not villains

When something goes wrong, don’t try to find one person or group to blame for everything. Bad things can happen even if no one wants them to happen. It is more productive to devote your energy to understanding the multiple interrelated causes or the system that has created the situation.

2. Glorify systems, not heroes.

What makes the world a better place are the systems, the procedures, the regulations, the firewalls, the checklists, the ecosystems. However, we prefer to look for geniuses, heroes or charismatic politicians because our brain understands the world better by individualizing. Don’t let me do it. Even the best innovations come from a system, not from an isolated brain.

3. Beware of popular culture

The sentences, proverbs, apothegms… even these same concepts can be reviewed, challenged and questioned. Getting carried away by them is a bad idea. TOOtherwise, we will almost always find another equally popular idea that contradicts the first.

Also be careful what everyone says without checking it. Because no, Napoleon was not shorter than average. No, Frankenstein’s monster was not green. No, in the Sherlock Holmes novels he never dressed like that., nor did he smoke a pipe, nor did he say “elementary dear Watson”.

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There is also no documented record of a real pirate ever drawing a treasure map (let alone marking the location of the treasure with an X). Oh, and the pirates didn’t have a wooden leg or a parrot on their shoulder either. Viking helmets also had no horns. Chastity belts have never existed. Brown sugar is usually worse than white, orange juice is as harmful as a cold…

In the next video you can see the rest of the key concepts to improve your understanding of this very complex world: