A company called Winthorpe Ventures bought, in the fourth quarter of the year, a job application from Steve Job for the year 1973 for $ 221,747 (US dollars). Today, just a few months later, it is up for sale through an auction. What stands out the most? The auction applies for a physical version and another for a digital one. Do you think it’s crazy? Stay with us because we tell you all about Steve Job’s job application auction.

The first that you have to know before talking about the auction is what are the NFT. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are an “inimitable” asset in the digital world that can be bought and sold like any other type of property, but they have no tangible form in themselves. In addition, these digital tokens can be validated as certificates of ownership of virtual or physical assets. This is how the digital version of said job application will be sold.

Steve Job’s job application is up for sale at auction (last bid was for $ 14,000)

Winthorpe Ventures put up a job application for Steve Job dating back to 1973. In this you can see an 18-year-old Steve Job who claims to have special skills in digital electronic technology, have no real work experience and have little chance of being able to take public transportation every day to work.

Until today (6 days before the auction ends) the last bid or offer for the physical version was for $ 14,000(US dollars), while the digital version is at $ 700. Although the value of the physical application has not yet reached what Winthorpe Ventures paid, just yesterday, at the start of the auction, the highest bid for the physical version of Steve Jobs’ job application was $ 2 , while the digital version was at 12 cents.

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Is online auction can be found on the website www.stevejobsjobapplication.com. In addition, the website offers you the possibility to see how the auction is going live and in both presentations of the job application (the physical document together with the virtual one).

At iPadízate we think that it is truly amazing the value an asset can take from someone like Steve Job that marked the history of our present. Would you be willing to pay thousands of dollars or euros for a Steve Job job application? Let us know in the comments. Do not leave without first taking a look at all the news of iOS 14.7 and how to download it, since you will get more out of your iPhone.