It seems that the first apps have taken little time to arrive but we are not surprised either. Microsoft now allows win32 applications to be on the Microsoft Store and that opens up a world of possibilities. The Redmond giant has already shown the new store in Windows 11, although it will come to Windows 10, and the first companies have already joined. Zoom, OBS Studio, Canva and WinZip are now on the Microsoft Store.

Windows 11 launches its Store with great applications such as Zoom, OBS Studio and Canva

The first trio of great applications reaches the Microsoft Store of Windows 11, they have not been asked and we can download Zoom, OBS Studio and Canva. Yesterday a classic like WinZip was already available. As we have been able to know The applications that we download from the Microsoft Store are the latest versions of these applications.

After all, the experience is the same as if we downloaded the application from the manufacturer’s website. So what is the advantage of downloading it from the Microsoft Store? It is a security issue, we make sure that the downloaded content is safe and does not contain anything strange.

It seems that the Microsoft Store in Windows 11 is off to a good start. Highly demanded apps like Zoom and OBS can be upgraded directly with Windows Store security and people could end up proactively using the Windows 11 store. This would end up with some pages of dubious quality software that should be reminiscent of the past.

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