Zara September starts with news. His new project is called Origins and was born with the aim of offering essential garments but focused on the creation of a contemporary wardrobe. The result is a line of garments for everyone, and best of all, that do not go out of style.

The collection of basics, which you will be able to find in your shop on-line and in 39 points of sale From today, she is ready to revolutionize everyday looks for the present and the future.


Zara has been working on this project for two years, both in research and development. The Inditex brand wanted to create a current wardrobe with garments designed to invest less and better, all of them made in quality fabrics.

For the selection of the garments, the brand made a study of the best sellers, both in the feminine and in the masculine collections, that is why it is called Origins, back to the origins.

And we are going to find timeless and versatile options, which have been redesigned with the highest quality fabrics to be more durable. Garments denim, from cashmere, wool … a total of 205 pieces of minimalist style, simple and that focus on the details, including shoes and accessories.

Zara Origins

In addition, during Paris Fashion Week, Zara Origins will organize a pop-up from September 27 to October 5.

Photos | Zara