Zara has announced the launch of its new sports collection, Atheticz and we can already take a look at it and see everything that awaits us in this collection. And, the truth is, we are surprised and happy that Zara has thrown itself fully into sportswear, what more could we ask for?

In it we can find clothes for sports such as running, Yoga and basketball. But they are so versatile and comfortable garments that we can use them for other sports activities without any problem.

And is that the collection is characterized by being designed to be used by any type of athlete thanks to the fact that they combine technical functionality, sustainable materials, simple aesthetics and great comfort.

These garments have the Join Life sustainability standard. This means that they are designed with carefully selected fabrics and innovative production processes to offer sustainable, comfortable and versatile garments.

Among the garments we can find garments such as shorts or t-shirts. But also underwear, footwear and accessories such as backpacks. Everything we may need to exercise both inside and outside the home.

Zara Yoga

All these garments have very thoughtful finishes, such as flat seams, thermal fixed hems and laser cut. In this way, they will prevent the garments from rubbing against them or causing too much discomfort. Also, laser cutting helps to get more aerodynamics.

Zara Running

The collection, in which we will find colored garments with a main base of navy blue, black, gray and white, in combination with other colors such as burgundy, yellow and khaki. Options for all tastes with a classic base.

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Athleticz will be available from September 30 on the Zara website, as well as in eleven different selected stores around the world. We are looking forward to putting it to the test.

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