Zack Snyder is defended by a senior Warner executive

Zack Snyder is defended by a senior Warner executive

Director Zack Snyder has just been faithfully defended by a senior Warner Bros. executive, despite the mistreatment he received by the studio.

In the past, Greg silverman was one of the top executives of Warner Bros. Pictures and supervised films of Dc comics as important as The dark knight, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice or Suicide Squad. To be more precise, he served as the studio’s President of Production. Since his departure, the control of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) It has been through a lot of hands. But the product wanted to send a message on social networks in defense of Zack snyder, positively evaluating the work that the filmmaker did with DC superheroes.

Responding to one person on Twitter, Greg Silverman shared his thoughts on why The Man of Steel Y Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice they did not receive critical acceptance. Dropping, at the same time, that they would have accepted her if she were another director. «I always suspected that Zack Snyder’s kindness, honesty, and enthusiasm created an environment for critics to underestimate his work.«, Explained the executive. «He is a humble, ordinary guy, approachable and decent. It did not fit the author mold. Damn it should be the other way around«.

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What Happened to Greg Silverman at Warner Bros. Pictures?

Greg Silverman left the studio before the film version of League of Justice, the one who re-directed Joss Whedon. As a supporter of Zack Snyder’s vision, one wonders if things would have been much different if he had been at Warner.

It is true that many critics have been harsh and contrary to the vision of the filmmaker, but it is also true that, beyond controversies, this is still cinema. Perhaps some have a bad relationship with the director, but most likely they simply do not connect with the films he makes.