You’ve never seen a mammoth and a giant kill a dragon in Skyrim … until now

You’ve never seen a mammoth and a giant kill a dragon in Skyrim … until now

By now it should come as no surprise that a game like Skyrim, which carries more than 10 years in the market and that little should be left for its calculator version, have iconic and epic moments around situations that can occur in the title, which little by little lose the novelty effect with the passage of time. Nevertheless, Even in the middle of 2021 we can still see clips of the Bethesda video game simply amazing.

As a way of introducing you a little into the operation of the game, in Skyrim There is the race of giants, characterized by being the strongest in front of the Dragon Blood. In fact, it is one of these creatures that gives us a reality check (literally) at the start of the game to show us the dangers of the world. In addition, this breed is characterized by breeding mammoths, being so that to defeat both requires a lot of training and level.

A battle of the titans

Once the introduction has been made, it must be said that dragons are considered the greatest threat in the game, but that does not prevent a giant and its mammoth from being able to face them, resulting in the spectacular clip that we leave you below and in which these two sides have clashed. And despite what was said with the dragons, the final result of the battle may surprise you:

Having said all the above, many of you may be surprised by the result, since dragons are the supreme species, as I have already mentioned. The reason for this is due to the scale of power. In summary, all giants, no matter what level we are in, will be above level 30 on a fixed basis. Dragons, on the other hand, level up along with us. In this way, if we force this encounter at the beginning of the adventure, we will see the beating that a giant puts on a dragon.

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It should be mentioned that this has not been the last discovery of Skyrim, since, no matter how the years go by, new details about the title do not stop coming out. It remains to be seen if these will ever run out. And in case this happens, we will always have the anecdotes of the auctions.

▪ Release date: 11/11/2011