Youtuber unboxing Gucci Series X

Youtuber unboxing Gucci Series X

Although Xbox is not the most popular console in Japan, with the arrival of the Series X | S, more and more people from this country have given this platform a chance. Now, it was recently revealed that Hikakin, the largest youtuber in this entire nation, has bought himself the Xbox Series X special edition from Gucci, and has shared an unboxing of this collector’s item.

Gucci’s Xbox Series X is priced at $ 10,000, and there are only 100 consoles available worldwide. Throughout his unboxing, Hikakin, who has a channel with more than 10 million subscribers, makes it clear that he bought this collectible, not because he is an Xbox collector, but for being a huge fan of the Gucci brand.

Of the 100 consoles that are available, Hikakin got number 41. Along with all the details that come with the unboxing, the youtuber does a great job of preserving the state of the console, and damaging it as little as possible. At the end of the day, this is a collector’s item, and will probably not be worn very often, especially considering that Hikakin already has a normal Series X.

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Editor’s Note:

Without a doubt, this is something that you don’t see every day. While the design of Gucci’s Xbox Series X is not something that stands out, the idea of ​​having a console in collaboration with this brand is more than enough to convince the public to get one of the 100 pieces of hardware available around the world.

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Youtuber unboxing Gucci Series X

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