Youtuber finishes Elden Ring in 2 hours without dying once

Youtuber finishes Elden Ring in 2 hours without dying once

Elden Ringthe game that has been on everyone’s lips and minds for almost two weeks now and is making its way through the expansive gothic world of LandsBetweena game full of great graphics and an enviable story, but we must admit, that despite all its greatness, it is quite long, although even so some brave ones have already come out, who have decided to finish it soon, and it is just that, about what we want to talk to you now.

Without a doubt, the action RPG of FromSoftware has been the center of attention for the last few days, that’s why some brave people have already peeked out speedrunnersas is the case with Nico Bellica youtuber that swept the action RPG in just two and a half hours and with a little extra detail… without dying even once!

That’s right, as detected by PC Gamer, a youtuber who calls himself Niko bellicposted a video last week of his speedrun on Elden Ringand although things started out quite similarly, Nico chose the Homelessan excellent starting class with high health and a decent strength stat, to start your run, and after not dying, the only time required at the start of the game for the multi-arm Grafted Kindred and skipping the tutorial area , niko arrived at the main world of Limgrave and immediately started running at three Grace Siteswhich gives you torrent.

The faithful steed is not just a get out of jail card in case you meet a tough boss, but also becomes a must for exploring Elden Ringas the massive world will not traverse alone and the double jump horse also helped the boy speed up the game and finish it at high speed.

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Being honest, in the video we can see that Niko skipped most of the fights, but opted instead to bombard entire areas just to loot them as they ran through much of the fights. Middle Landsstopping only to defeat mandatory bosses like Margaret and fell omen; what’s more, Nico defeated a few optional bosses here and there and took damage throughout the run, but managed to crush Elden Ring With the initial armor and without receiving a fatal blow, what a feat!

Definitely, Elden Ring is one of the most popular games of the moment, as the action role-playing game broke the records of Steam and Twitter shortly after its release on February 25, plus some hacks and mods have already been released for the game, so it’s only a matter of time before people discover many secrets in LandsBetween.