The new YouTube feature is designed to allow us to spend much more time watching videos on Google’s content platforms.

Spending hours and hours on YouTube is something that many users do, but it seems that it is not enough for the Google video platform. The new feature they have announced is bound to generate endless constant entertainment.

And, is that, YouTube recommendations are one of its great assets when it comes to capturing the attention of users. In fact, these recommendations, sometimes strange, make us spend hours without realizing it in the application.

Over the years YouTube has been improving or expanding this feature to get users to keep as much attention as possible on the videos. In mobile phones this has been enhanced by Discovery.

This YouTube tab on Android or iPhone mobile devices makes it easy for users to discover completely new videos and channels. And although YouTube has done well with this approach to date, they seem to want to give it a spin.

Specifically, what they will do is create a section in which news aimed at users will be shown in an almost personal way. These news can range from informational videos to short viral videos.

What we are looking for is to discover content at a general level, also if the content that YouTube shows us does not convince us we can always refresh this tab in order to see the new recommendations that it makes us.

The feature will be available on both mobile devices and the web version of Youtube and even on devices such as televisions or, for example, the Chromecast with Google’s Android TV.

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Maybe in the beginning the characteristic does not appear on your devices, but it is most likely that you have an update pending so we recommend you go to the corresponding application store to check if it is necessary to update.