There are different ways for content creators to monetize the videos they upload to their YouTube channels. But a new one will be added soon, as the platform is testing a function called Super thanks. As its name indicates, it will have the purpose that users thank the youtubers for their effort by sending them a “tip”.

According ad, Super thanks was tested in 68 countries, and is available both from the desktop and through the YouTube apps for iOS and Android. In itself, it consists of a new button that appears next to the already known “I like”, “I do not like” and “Share”, among others.

In this case, it has the icon of a heart with the $ symbol and appears with the inscription “Thank you” (Thanks, in English). By clicking on it, YouTube invites you to thank the creators by “buying a Super Thanks”. There are four fixed amounts available to choose from: 2, 5, 10 or 50 dollars, although it would also appear expressed in the local currency of each user.

By selecting one of the options, YouTube will show an animation with colored balloons and will post a comment on the video, indicating the amount of money sent. The benefited users will be able to respond to these publications as happens with traditional comments.

‘Super Thanks’ is the new monetization alternative proposed by YouTube

Image: YouTube

Although it has not yet been confirmed, in the future YouTube’s intention would be to expand the options in terms of sums of money to send through Super thanks. Although today it is limited to four fixed proposals, the possibility to select other amounts manually could be included.

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The idea behind Super thanks it is not necessarily new. The video platform has already tried a similar option under the name Viewer Applause During last year. However, it decided to change its name to couple it with other existing tools such as Super Chat Y Super Stickers.

Creators who want to know if they already have access to this new option, should enter the section Monetization from YouTube Studio. Once there they must access the section Supers, if it is available in your location, and check if it appears Super thanks.

If they still don’t see it, they should keep waiting. Google has mentioned that at the moment it is not taking requests for access to this new option. Among the countries in which it begins to be tested Super thanks there are Spain, Mexico and Argentina.

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