your order already took 3 months

your order already took 3 months

With the entry of the pandemic, the eCommerce sped up and many retailers they had to embrace and speed up digitization; however, they have been overwhelmed by consumer demand and lack of customer service. Such was the case of a user on Twitter who placed an online order with Walmart, has been waiting for it since November 19, 2021, but has not received either the product or his refund.

According to data from Statistical, Around the globe, Walmart Internacional had a total online sales of 16.5 million dollars in 2021. However, in Mexico, during the same year, Walmart was considered as the retailer with more complaints according to the Federal Consumer Protection Office (Profeco).

Walmart was the store with the most consumer complaints in 2021

During the past Good End, Profeco announced that it received 165 claims and the companies with the highest number of complaints were: Sam’s Club, Walmart and Solaris.

The Walmart chain had 20 complaints, the main reasons for claims were non-compliance with promotions, cancellation of purchase and not respecting prices.

Another announcement that put the chain in the mouth of public opinion was the investigation carried out by Tec-Check, where it appears as the self-service store with the most complaints in the period of January and August 2021.

The mistakes Walmart should avoid in its e-commerce

According to AMVO, 9 out of 10 people, that is, 91 percent who buy online, stated that their purchases will be shipped to their home; 17 percent will prefer to pick it up at a physical store – branch, Click & Collect–; 11 percent will choose to have it sent to their office; 7 percent sent to a friend’s house; 7 percent will ask to pick up at a pick-up point or courier offices, and 1 percent at smart lockers –Amazon Hub, Lockers–.

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At the time of purchase online, retailers has the challenge of creating positive experiences in his eCommerce and not fall into standards, therefore, they need to prevent shipment flows and listen to customers.

In social networks and especially Twitter it is common to read about consumer complaints about retail stores. Through apps, user Jaime Jean M accused Walmart of not fulfilling the delivery and of giving a bad service to the client.

“Order #102556169885. I’m waiting for it since November 19. Reporting on several occasions, neither they give it to me nor do they reimburse me. @WalmartMexico’s online service is, without a doubt, the worst in Mexico, no one should use it,” he says in a tweet in response to an advertisement for the company’s Pick Up and Home Delivery service.

In response to the complaint, retailer responded on social networks that are channeling the case.

Walmart gives a lesson on mistakes retailers should avoid in their e-commerce :dPoor or no customer service, not prioritizing your needs, and not making the online purchase memorable.

And it is that The store must have all the communication channels with its potential customers and provide them with personalized attention with an integrated experience. In addition, what is recommended for online sales is to have an agile inventory and have well-executed logistics to meet the consumer’s purchase expectation.

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