You probably have the vision that every year smartphone prices go up. It is easy to ask someone and they will answer that each year it costs them more to buy a mobile. Beyond inflation in different countries and the specific increases of each brand, in 2021 and 2022 Yes it will be more expensive to buy a mobile. Mobile phone manufacturing companies have reportedly just entered the black dot for chip supply. This will make the next mobile you buy is more expensive than normal.

There are no chips for anyone, and now neither for smartphones

According to a report that comes from Counterpoint we can know that mobile phone companies have had with a advantage in the global problem of processors. These companies stock supplies for 6 monthsBecause their market is constantly updated and they know that they will use up their stocks.

During the last few months we have seen products and brands affected by this lack of supply of processors. Consoles, graphics cards, cars and a long etcetera. Now the smartphone companies come into play, as the 6 months of advantage are over and stocks have started to decline dramatically.

Many of the companies in charge of making mobile phones are in the same position as Sony with the Playstation 5 or Nvidia with graphics cards. And we already know what this means: low supply and price increase.

The rise in prices has already increased

Your next mobile will be more expensive than normal, why?

A few days ago we told you that Xiaomi is already raising some of the prices of its mobiles in different countries. It will not be the only brand, because currently they are all facing a problem when it comes to getting processors and components.

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This not only results in the production of smartphones being lower, but also it costs the company more money to buy the components. The simplest thing for certain brands will be to increase the general price of their devices and pass this increase on the final costs to the user.

We do not know how much or when, but it is likely that during the next two years the increase in the price of the technology will also affect the low-end smartphones, mid-range and high-end.

Less mobile = fewer markets

The highlight of this story is found in the example of Google. It is expected that Google Pixel 5a 5G only sold in the US and Japan, while in previous generations many more countries have received the official sale of these terminals. The reason? A much lower offer than bet only for the strongest markets.

This could happen with different companies during 2021 and 2022, which would focus only on strong markets with the units that they manage to manufacture.

Now you know: if you want buy a smartphone In the next year you may pay a little more for it due to the shortage of processors around the world.