You have probably taken a look at Android 12. The new operating system is already in the hands of the main telephone manufacturers to update whenever possible. Today we have to talk about the minimum requirements a smartphone needs to install Android 12 and run it way beyond the basics. Google has published the list of minimum features needed by smartphones to take advantage of the improved experiences in Android 12. It is a new concept that comes as a novelty to the new operating system.

Android 12 now differentiates between performance classes

From Android 12 Google wants the operating system to determine in what kind of performance is. This allows the operating system to optimize resources and improve the experience in certain specially developed applications.

The new “Performance” option is about differentiate Android smartphones by performance. This way you can find out what the smartphone is capable of and adjust details based on this performance.

If your smartphone does not meet the minimum requirements in the following list you will not have an improved experience in certain applications and games. It is nothing to worry about, it simply means that Android will limit certain options for the game or application to work on your device. For example: it will automatically adjust the textures and graphic quality to lower the level of demand.

  • It must have a 12 MP rear camera and 4K recording at 30 fps
  • It must have a 5 MP front camera and FullHD recording at 30 fps
  • Must have a pixel density per inch of 400 or more
  • You must have at least 6 GB of RAM
  • Must have memory capable of exceeding read and write speeds of 125 Mb / s and 250 MB / s
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There are also other, much more technical requirements that are not easy to understand. If your mobile meets these minimums it is possible that it will enter the top performance category. This means that certain specially developed applications and games will have an improved experience.

Don’t worry, you can have Android 12 if you don’t comply with them

your mobile should have these minimum characteristics

If your mobile does not reach these minimums it doesn’t mean you can’t install Android 12. Of course, dozens of mobiles with less than 6 GB of RAM or FullHD screens will be able to update. The question that Google raises with the A new bias is that all smartphones that fall below these requirements will be treated as a kind of ‘mid-range’.

Developers will be able to design their applications with different experiences depending on the device that runs it. It is a complex issue and that only if you have a premium mid-range or a high-end you can enjoy.

Is your Android smartphone in the Performance list of Android 12?

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