You don’t want to miss this crossover between Call of Duty and Terminator

You don’t want to miss this crossover between Call of Duty and Terminator


Call of Duty is probably one of the most popular shooters of all time in the video game industry.. And proof of this is that its community of players seems to be more solid as time goes by. We are often seeing anecdotes of the game and we have a lot of news about the games from the fans, precisely because there is no lack of comments on the internet forum about the gameplay, the doubts and the experiences in general. And although this extensive saga is already a few years old since its first release, it has a lot of history behind it and, of course, titles.

Of course, the theme, based on World War II, takes up very important historical details such as the defense of Russian territory in the hands of the Red Army or the landing in Normandy, it has trapped more than one player who will have the mission of participating in the special British Air Service or US Marine Corps. Set in key locations such as the Middle East or Eastern Europe, these scenarios help the player to recreate a warlike experience against Russian terrorist groups.

Crossovers also contribute to the fame of the shooter

All of the above does nothing but add to the spirits of the players, on the eve of one of the most promising installments of the franchise. But luckily, the news doesn’t seem to end when it comes to collaborations. But who could be a great candidate for a crossover? You may not know it, but recently Call of Duty has made a clear reference to its involvement with Skynet and The Terminator.

In this sense, It is not the first time that Call of Duty decides to collaborate with other franchises, resulting in incredible Hollywood crossovers, just as Fortnite has done thanks to its acceptance among the public. Although of course, the target audience for Fortnite is usually more general.

But going back to Call of Duty, it arguably takes advantage of the more hard-R IPs like Saw, Scream, and Rambo to create some truly amazing scenarios. In fact, the biggest event in the game had great similarities to Fortnite, given that had featured King Kong and Godzilla fighting on Caldera Island while the players were fighting I fell into the ground below them, trying to survive. Sounds pretty quirky and fun, right? Well, it seems that for those who witnessed it, it was something quite iconic in the history of the Call of Duty battle royale, with a very unexpected mix of characters.

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Y Call of Duty knows exactly what to do after the success of the event, since, as is known, is planning the next crossover with Skynet and Terminator. Apparently there are not many details about how it will be, but the franchise has already begun to announce it officially in its social networks. Although we don’t know when it will happen or what it will be like, it actually doesn’t seem too far from this season, due to the Call of Duty releases. And, to corroborate this, it is known that the franchise does not usually announce its collaborations well in advance, so it is likely that it will come out during the month of July.

Speculation is already on the lips of all fans, but it remains to be seen if the crossover will feature a skin that looks like Arnold or just the standard T-800, but it is still a memorable moment for fans of the video game and of the movie. It would be exciting to embody the skin of Arnold as he walks through the scenes of war.



The launch of Call of Duty Modern Warfare II

In case you haven’t played the shooter yet, or many of its deliveries, maybe it’s time for you to warm up for what’s to come. Thanks to the fact that the next release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare II is almost here and has been announced with great fanfare, many players are waiting. It will be available for PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series XS and, although it is scheduled for October 28, 2022you can now reserve it for your console.

But ahead of the release of the delivery, there is an important detail: Activision has confirmed that it will not keep the inventories of the players, which possibly includes the appearances. Thus, those who want to use these Terminator items should expect that they can only be used in the original version of Warzone. However, once we see both the crossover premiere and the arrival of Warzone 2, we’ll know if we can get our hands on some of the skins.

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