You can turn off someone else’s iPhone alarm using Siri

You can turn off someone else’s iPhone alarm using Siri

If you live with your family, on some occasion you will have woken up with an alarm from an iPhone or an iPad that is not yours. And, due to life circumstances, the owner does not turn it off. It can be especially annoying especially those forgotten alarms in the early hours of the morning. Well, if you use Apple Family Sharing, you can turn off any alarm remotely by asking Siri, even if it’s not your iPhone.

The first requirement, of course, is that the other person’s iPhones and iPads are part of the same iCloud family. That is, this will not work to turn off the alarm of a stranger, it has to be a member of the family unit, using the same Apple Family account (which is also used to share subscriptions).

It is not something that Apple has publicized too much, and in fact, if you dive for the company’s support it is not mentioned. But in Redditwho are experts in finding these “tricks”, have discovered that you can turn off the alarm of another iPhone or iPad using Siri or a HomePod set up on the same family network.

How to turn off an iPhone alarm remotely

The process is very simple. Once the devices are configured within Family Sharing, you will only have to ask Siri from any other device configured in the same family to turn off the alarm that is sounding on another device. It works from an iPhone, an iPad, a Mac or a HomePod. ANDThe only requirement is that the devices, both the one that is ringing from the one from which we want to turn off the alarm, are in the same Family.

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From now on, whenever you wake up to a non-stop alarm that isn’t yours, while its owner is in the shower and doesn’t do anything to stop your iPhone from ringing non-stop, all you have to do is say: “Hey Siri, turn off the iPhone alarm for…” (or whoever’s iPhone name) and you’re good to go.

Siri will always ask you for a confirmation to check if you really want to turn off the alarm. If all goes well, the alarm will be silenced immediately. Again, note that it only works if the noisy iPhone in question is owned by someone including the iCloud family. And it will only work if we correctly say the name that person uses to identify themselves in the family or iCloud, not with any nickname.

Another thing, it is a function to use at home, so it is mandatory that both people are under the same Wi-Fi network. not worth troll from distance.