You can play PS classics without paying PlayStation Plus

You can play PS classics without paying PlayStation Plus

The new subscriptions PSPlus next month is approaching, and despite having the information on the table, there are still some specific doubts in the minds of consumers. Nevertheless, PlayStation It has already clarified one of them, one that is related to backward compatibility with games previously purchased in digital stores.

And it is that recently it was confirmed to the followers that they will be able to replay their favorite classics without paying the online subscription, this as long as they have already bought a video game within their catalog. This includes releases of the first console of nineteen ninety five to the laptop PSPbeing a very fair way of behaving with the client.

Similarly, some of these video games will be for sale individually, this so as not to tie people to a subscription plan that they may not use frequently. Before all this there is a warning, since certain launches, especially of Square Enixhave stopped selling for a reason not yet explained by the company.

In news related to playstation plus. A couple of days ago the video games that will appear along with the new subscription levels on June 13 were confirmed. Here are added classics of the first PS, PSP, PS2. PS4 and PS5. If you want to know the complete list we leave you a link in which we explain everything in more detail.

Remember that the new service will be released in a couple of weeks.

Via: GameSpot