Instagram does not stop making improvements, sometimes of great depth, and other times details such as the quick switch between Instagram accounts with a double-tap. It is a small novelty, but it will surely be useful to those who frequently switch between several profiles.

To take advantage of this function, we have to make a quick double click on the profile icon, in the lower right area of ​​the mobile app. Instagram recently added the Reels and Shop tabs to the bottom bar, and now it improves its usability with an option not visible at first.

You can now switch between Instagram accounts with just a double tap

In any case, some users get a notice that fast account switching is now available, with the following text:

“Double-tap to switch to the last account you visited”

That is to say, by double-pressing, we access the previous account that we have used, and repeating the double-touch we return to the initial one. The quick switch works if we have more than two accounts logged into the app, but we will only switch between the last two.

In any case, the possibility of pressing and holding on to the profile icon is still available to bring up the account menu, and from there all in which we have logged in will be displayed.

At the moment, the rapid account switch is not available to everyone, without knowing very well if it is a gradual rollout or a trial with a limited number of users. It does not seem associated with the Instagram beta, as we have verified that the double-tap works in the stable Android app.

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Some users frequently switch between their main and secondary Instagram or carry their personal and professional profiles on their mobile. This system will make it more agile to jump from one to another, and it should not be confusing, since after the change the usual notice appears in the upper area indicating the account to which we have passed.

The rapid change of accounts on Instagram is a welcome detail, although there are developments of much greater significance in development, including the “ephemeral mode” that deletes Instagram messages as soon as their recipients have read them.