The good, the bad and Loki, the special what mixes The Simpson Y Loki is now available on Disney Plus. This is a short taking advantage of the broadcast of the new Marvel series for the streaming service in which the most famous family of animation enters the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And not in any way: this time The Simpson they will be a kind of new Avengers and they will become superheroes to face the god of deception. The short, somewhat limited compared to other specials, is a great way to bridge the two universes.

However, the story of more of itself than it may seem at first, although it would not have hurt to turn this short into a whole chapter of The Simpsons. Especially to take advantage of the fact that they recently premiered the last season on Disney +.

The good, the bad and Loki is now available on Disney +

Banished from Asgard again, Loki must face his toughest adversaries to date: the Simpsons and Springfield’s most powerful superheroes. The God of Deception teams up with Bart Simpson in this groundbreaking crossover that pays homage to the cinematic universe of Marvel superheroes and villains.

The special is directed by David Silverman and features Dan Castallaneta, Nancy Cartwrght and Yeardley Smith, among others. In addition to counting, as usual, with the classic characters of Matt Groening, this time with the superhero costume.

A different twist to the Simpsons specials that undoubtedly comes at the perfect time, combining in one place two of the most important values ​​of contemporary cinema and televisionto. The humor of Groening’s characters and the spectacular nature of the Marvel Universe go hand in hand is a special at the height of the successes of the streaming service.

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