Google has numerous home-oriented devices within the Nest product range. ATRESplayer PREMIUN will be available on Google screens as the Nest Hub model. The Google Home or Google Nest screens allow us to link compatible devices with which to turn off and on the lights at home, and from today, play ATRESplayer PREMIUM content.

ATRESplayer integrates with Google

Google Nest are smart Google screens to which we can have a multitude of connected devices and perform actions through voice commands. Check the weather, put on our favorite music, create reminders, etc. ATRESplayer PREMIUM has just become the first Spanish OTT which is available on Google’s Nest platform devices. For example, through Nest Hub that has an 8-inch screen, we can ask to play our favorite content on the platform. Through simple voice commands we will access the complete offer of entertainment, current affairs and fiction of the Antena 3, laSexta, Neox, Nova, Mega and Atreseries channels, both live and on demand.

With this integration, the ATRESplayer platform has renamed all its contents to make it easier to find them through the different applications and platforms that make up Google’s services for viewing content. One of the most outstanding advances is that the positioning in the video finder from all platforms where you can perform a search. In Google’s own search, the contents of ATRESplayer will be highlighted in a preferential way and on mobile devices we will find shortcuts to the ATRESplayer PREMIUM app. The same is true for Android TV, Chromecast or Smart TV devices: they are now supported by the platform through simpler voice commands.

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Advantages and configuration

Starting today, ATRESplayer PREMIUM subscribers will be able to get more out of the platform. Using voice commands, the Google assistant will quickly find the titles of our favorite series on Atreseries or it will bring us the news live in the blink of an eye. One of the greatest advantages of this integration is the speed and effectiveness when looking for ATRESplayer content without having to move from the sofa or while doing other household chores.

Regarding the configuration, to use ATRESplayer PREMIUM in the Nest Hub and other compatible Google devices, we will only have to enter our access data to the subscription on Google Home using the settings in the “Videos” section. Once the access data has been entered, the operation must be completed by pressing the button. “Link”. By following these steps, the automatic playback of the contents will be available on all compatible devices.