After Keynote on September 14, Apple presented to the world its four new iPhones: the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13, as well as the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Max. Although they will not reach the hands of users until next September 24, you can now get your wallpapers.

We will share with you all the iPhone 13 wallpapers, so that you can use and download them on any phone, whether it is from Apple or not. As usual, you just have to download the files and apply them to your desktop.

Download the iPhone 13 backgrounds

Ios Wallpaper

Ispazio has accessed all the official wallpapers of the new iPhone 13, as well as those of the Pro variants. For yet another year, these wallpapers follow the design line that we saw in the previous generation: colorful, flat and minimalist style.

To download the wallpapers in high quality you can do it from the iSpazio page itself. They are downloaded in PNG format, to avoid compression. You have Android or iPhone, you can apply this type of image as wallpaper, without converting it to JPEG.

You only have download the file and set it as wallpaper, on iOS and Android. The files are quite light, so you can download them all to see how they look, without taking up more than a few megabytes of your internal storage.

Via | iSpazio