There are not too many days left to get to know Windows 11 first-hand, the new version of Microsoft’s operating system has arrived involved in a series of controversies. The last is that the Redmond will allow you to install Windows 11 on unsupported computers, but will not take care of what may happen.

Windows 11 is right around the corner. The day that Microsoft has set for the official launch of the new version of its operating system is October 5. That day we will discover first-hand all the news that the Redmond have prepared for us, but until then all we can do is read the pearls that the company releases.

And, is that, the information that Microsoft has provided about Windows 11 has not been the best. Over the last few weeks, more questions than answers have been generated and, taking into account that it is less than two weeks before its arrival, it would have been good for users to clarify about the minimum requirements or whether it can be installed on computers. ancient.

In fact, the last known is that Windows 11 It can be installed on computers that do not support the system, such as old computers. But, is that, the requirements leave out many computers that, for the most part, have only a couple of years behind them. The move by Microsoft looks like it’s meant to wash your hands.

Those of Redmond comment that the operating system can be installed, but that the decision and responsibility will rest with the user. This implies that they will not be held responsible for possible errors that may be generated on computers that do not support this version of the Microsoft operating system.

Also, when installing Windows 11 on computers that are not supported, the updates will not arrive. It is not known how users will update the operating system, but it is most likely through clean installations or using some kind of tool that downloads the new versions of the Microsoft operating system.

Come on, Microsoft will let Windows 11 install on equipment that does not meet the minimum requirements. But if the equipment suffers some kind of problem after the installation or while using Windows 11, they will not be held responsible and, furthermore, it is expected that the manufacturer of the equipment will not be responsible for the damage either.