Nothing says “birth of Christ” like a pack of spicy lingerie and vibrating eggs. EIS, a German manufacturer and supplier of sex toys, has marketed a format for couples to have a good time this Christmas before December 24, offering creative options with which to kill time every night after dinner: 24 “sexual wellness” gifts with a luxury guest, a remote-controlled Satisfyer. And all this at very competitive prices.

Amazon offers you its most successful package, the Premium edition of the package, which is also, curiously, in the No. 1 position of the portal in the “Erotic toy kits” section. Costs 99 euros. Keepa also tells us that it is at its lowest price in months, which was around a final price of 140 euros.

And what can we find inside the Kit? As can be seen in the comments, there are those who do not want to ruin the surprise and leave options to discover to keep the magic and the excitement of the moment at full blast. We recommend that they stop reading this post.

For those who do not like to get carried away, we confirm: there are six phallic toys as such, as well as four official toys of the Satisfyer brand. You have, for example, the Satisfyer Heat Climax Vibrator, manageable with app and bluetooth and with air conditioning option. Also the Elastic Joy Satisfyer Vibrator, the Satisfyer Pro 2+ (the king of the house) and a masturbator egg for men.

In the non-electronic section, you will enjoy two one-size-fits-all erotic costumes, massage oils, orgasmic and anal relaxation gels, dildos, handcuffs, ropes and more. Come on, they have not skimped on options, in such a way that, perhaps, although it is designed only to make the anticipation of the birth of the child God more bearable, you and your partner do not need to buy more toys for the rest of the year.

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And what about the version of the Lidl? In this case, the package is not Premium, but Deluxe, and the price drops to 60 euros, making the product category a bit more modest but equally interesting. Instead of four you happen to have two official Satisfyer products (Pro 2+ remains), only one set of lingerie and dildos are exchanged for a ring massager and tickle duster.

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As a note to add, the evolution of Satisfyer himself is curious. In 2019 we told how this revolutionary item of the erotic offer, which stormed the Christmas lists all over the planet, it was worth about 40 euros. Today it seems that you can buy it for an approximate price of 19 euros, a drop in its price of more than 50% in a matter of two years. Once its suction technology has been unraveled, the brand may have encountered fierce competition from other manufacturers, and has managed to properly adjust its price to stay active.