Yakuza creator leaves SEGA and creates Nagoshi Studio with NetEase

Yakuza creator leaves SEGA and creates Nagoshi Studio with NetEase

If we talk about Japanese creatives, I would come to the topic Toshihiro Nagoshisince it is considered one of the most outstanding in its area.

What has caught the attention of many of his fans is that he has made the decision to leave his position in SEGA Y Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio to look for new opportunities in the industry, and now, we can see that those rumors that the developer joined NetEasethey are true.

Since, today, the first details were revealed about the new studio that the creative together with NetEase have created, there is talk about the opening of Nagoshi Studiowhich will be directed by the former employee of SEGA and made up of other developers who also decided to leave the studio in charge of Yakuzato follow the steps of Nagoshi.

The creative himself explained what the goals of this new company are, in which he will be able to fulfill one of his dreams: partially return to active video game development and create new things beyond what he did in SEGA.

It was like that through a statement, NetEase Games presented Nagoshi Studioits new development studio that will have as president and executive director Toshihiro Nagoshiwhere the central objective is to create attractive games that console users can enjoy.

Through twitter, the creative published a message where he talks about the changes that the industry has undergone in recent years, which have been driven by technological progress and the growth of the market infrastructure in general.

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In it, he comments that being a developer is a complicated task due to the rapid change that occurs between trends and fashions in the industry, but even so, he knows that entertainment is a fundamental thing in people’s lives, so that he is happy with this new stage of his career.

Now that he is the new head of the studio, he wants to create an atmosphere where great talents can demonstrate their skills regardless of the positions they hold, as he believes that this way they will be able to make great titles for the players.

“This means not being afraid of mistakes and at the same time not being afraid to correct them, and treating failures as assets. This means not giving up on reaching the ideal and fighting to get closer to it. This may seem so simple, but the simplest things can unexpectedly be the most difficult to do and, at the same time, the most important.wrote Nagoshi.

Along with the departure of this former SEGA creative, they left daisuke sato (producer), Kazuki Hosokawa (artist), Kōji Tokieda (programmer), Masao Shirosaki (game designer), Mitsunori Fujimoto (engineer), Naoki Someya (artist), Taichi Ushioda (manager) and Toshihiro Ando (artist) and will be part of Nagoshi Studiothe new study NetEase Games.