The sauce boat Yahaira Plasencia and the Cuban Nesty were captured by the program ‘Amor y Fuego’ looking very affectionate and giving passionate kisses the last weekend in a nightclub in Barranco.

In the advance issued by the Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter program you can see how the also singer approaches the sauce boat and fills her with kisses, while she talks with her friends. At another moment it is the interpreter of ‘coward’ who approaches her ‘affectionate friend’ and kisses him on the neck.

“Nesty forgot his brunette and changed her for the ‘Patrona'”says the headline of the video that was broadcast yesterday on Willax Tv.

The program of Magaly Medina would have issued a report in which he hints that something would be happening between the Cuban and the popular ‘Yaha‘, because last weekend they were at a concert in the Barranco Arena with the family of the sauce boat and they were more than happy together and they would have given many expressions of love.

According to the Trome newspaper, the couple and friends close to her were located in a box in the VIP area and would have clicked with the Cuban almost immediately, who a few days ago had declared that he does not rule out resuming his relationship with Mayra Goñi.

So far neither artist has commented on the ampay of ‘Love and Fire’ and, apparently, they will wait for the transmission of the images to declare to the press or through social networks.


Singer Yahaira Plasencia She is away from TV after the shameful episode she experienced when she was intervened by the Police celebrating her birthday at a ‘covid party’ in the middle of a health emergency. The ‘Patrona’ hid in a trunk so as not to be taken to the police station. Also at the party were Pancho Rodríguez, Facundo González and other members of the reality show This is War.

At that time, Yahaira was harshly criticized by the Peruvians and had to go out and ask for forgiveness for her wrongdoing, as she was denounced for violating sanitary regulations and a judicial process against her is still pending.

But the scandal always seems to reach the interpreter of ‘And I told him no’, since since she became known for her relationship with the footballer Jefferson Farfán, She has been involved in situations that have not helped her to take off her musical career at the hands of producer Sergio George.

The first scandal was the infidelity to Farfán with another footballer, Jerson Reyes, who sat in the armchair of the program ‘El Valor de la Verdad’ to tell details of his ‘affair’ with the sauce boat.

After the end of your relationship, Yahaira joined This is War where he made a ‘short circuit’ with Rosángela Espinoza and in the middle of the live broadcast, both of them caught each other with kicks and blows after the game of ‘cake in the face’.

With this chapter, Yahaira stated that he would no longer return to a reality show and was going to dedicate himself to music, but that only lasted for a while, because a few years later he resumed his relationship with Jefferson Farfán, but it did not work and they decided to ‘break up sticks’.


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