Xiaomi’s catalog of smart watches is about to receive a new model. We are talking about the Xiaomi Watch Color 2, which will be made official on September 27 and we already know what its design looks like.

Next Monday, September 27, a Xiaomi launch event will take place in China and we already know two of the leading products.

One of them will be the Xiaomi Civi, a new mobile with an attractive and striking design, and the other will be the Xiaomi Watch Color 2, the new generation of the smartwatch that we met at the beginning of last year and that in the global market is known as Xiaomi Mi Watch.

To warm up your engines for the presentation, the brand He has given us a preview of his new smartwatch. He has done so through his profile on the Chinese social network Weibo, where he has published the promotional poster that shows the design of the Xiaomi Watch Color 2.

As you can see in the images, the new generation of Xiaomi smartwatch maintains the same design line as its predecessor. The device has a circular sphere with two physical buttons on the far right, although it is appreciated that these buttons are now thinner and more discreet.

In the poster we can see two finishes. They both have a matching dial and strap, one in black and one in white. Xiaomi has confirmed that these will not be the only options available and points out that, in total, there will be six different colors to choose from, which can be combined with more than 200 different spheres.

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Apart from showing us the appearance of the device and this data related to the design, the company has not revealed any of the characteristics of the Xiaomi Watch Color 2 and we cannot extract more information from the poster.

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At the moment we do not know what the new Xiaomi watch is going to offer us, and in the absence of rumors, everything indicates that the device will have slight improvements compared to the previous generation.

We will not have to wait much longer to know all the details of the Watch Color 2 first-hand. This Monday he will accompany the Xiaomi Civi on stage, and the presentation of the Xiaomi True Wireless Noise Canceling Earphones 3 Pro headphones is also expected along with other products.