Xiaomi themes are one of the most unknown functions of MIUI. However, this app that comes pre-installed is really useful because its possibilities are practically endless.

Your mobile turned into a work of art

Both Xiaomi and the different users frequently add new themes to the app. These themes are installed from a very simple way and allow your smartphone to get a different look, and can even look like an iPhone.

Now Xiaomi has included in China new themes in the app that turn your mobile into a work of Van Gogh, Monet or Dunhuang. It does this not only through the wallpaper, but the icons and sounds are also based on these works.

At the moment they are only available in China, so to be able to use them, you would have to change the MIUI region of your device or even use a VPN. These topics are likely to be restricted in other parts of the world because it has been made possible by a collaboration between Xiaomi and the Dunhuang Fine Arts Research Institute.

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At the moment there are three works by each of the aforementioned artists, although it is possible that works will be expanded in the future and even those of other artists will be added.

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