Xiaomi shows its smart glasses with microLED screen

Xiaomi shows its smart glasses with microLED screen

Xiaomi has shown a prototype of the Smart Glasses, their smart glasses that integrate a screen as an augmented reality viewer and are capable of working with Wi-Fi. It is a much more complete alternative to Google Glass and a totally different concept from Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories.

Xiaomi smart glasses are not a complement to the smartphone, but are designed to work independently. Glasses are able to perform the most common tasks on a mobilesuch as receiving notifications, making or answering calls, listening to music, taking photos, etc. They can be controlled by voice or by pressing the sensors located on the pins.

Xiaomi has distributed the frame and lenses of its smart glasses a total of 497 components, which include an ARM processor, a 5 megapixel camera to take pictures or record video, speakers, microphones and a microLED screen located in one of the lenses.

The panel, which has a diagonal of 0.13 inches and is monochrome, allows you to view relevant information while the user is wearing the smart glasses and paying attention to their surroundings. The microLED technologyAccording to Xiaomi, it offers a higher pixel density in a smaller space. It also has a “grid structure” that allows information to be seen clearly and at a very close distance from the human eye.

Xiaomi highlights several main uses for this microLED screen built into its smart glasses. Among them, see notifications or incoming calls, the possibility of translating the text of the posters or the navigation with real-time directions and based on the environment.

Xiaomi is clear about the uses of smart glasses

The Chinese firm has stressed that it is a prototype, it is not a product that will be marketed soon. However, it is interesting to know what is for Xiaomi the use of smart glasses. It is, without a doubt, a more complete concept than the one recently presented by Facebook and Ray-Ban.

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Mark Zuckerberg’s company, let’s remember, announced together with the American lens manufacturer some smart glasses that capture photos and videos of up to 30 seconds, make calls and listen to music or podcasts through earphones built into the ear. The device, however, is very far from the concept that Xiaomi intends to announce in the future.