Smart glasses are catching on. Some days ago Facebook and Ray-Ban they announced their first product together; a smart lens with the ability to take photos and videos. However, they have not been the only ones who in recent years have tried to convince the public with this type of product.

Of course, Xiaomi has not wanted to stay behind its competitors, and today it showed its Smart Glasses, a conceptual product that makes it clear that, if smart glasses are going to triumph, it is for models like the one that Xiaomi has between plans.

Unlike Google Glass or HoloLens, these are lenses with a “normal” design, but what is different with Facebook Stories and Ray-Band is that they are more functional because they can show augmented reality elements, take Photographs, and most importantly, are independent of the smartphone.

A solid idea with an interesting concept

Although the product does not exist (yet), Xiaomi has a video where it talks about its specifications and operation.

The right lens has a microLED screen with which it is possible to view augmented reality elements. This will allow you to get to an address guided only by the glasses, view text messages, answer a call and take pictures.

Inside there is an ARM processor of which no details have been revealed, and the glasses are capable of connecting to Wi-Fi networks and devices via Bluetooth. They also have a 5 megapixel camera.

Its weight would be only 51 grams, and they would have up to 497 components inside.

Facebook and Ray-Ban present their first smart glasses

Xiaomi says that these lenses can work without the need for a smartphone, revealing that some functions can be activated via voice commands or taps on the side of the device.

The only thing the brand hasn’t revealed is if they plan to launch this product in the near future.