A simple but useful function is pocket mode. This feature allows you to have your phone under control when you put it in your pocket, avoiding those unintentional keystrokes that end up activating different tasks without you noticing.

Making calls, entering an app or activating any other function within the mobile can occur while it is stored in your pocket without blocking, something quite annoying but that can be avoided by activating pocket mode of our Xiaomi.

When you use pocket mode, unlike when you have the device locked, it is that the cell phone does not activate even though the screen is on, so you should not worry when you save it.

How to activate pocket mode?

Xiaomi: how to activate pocket mode?

To activate the function you must enter the MIUI settings of your Xiaomi and choose the following options that appear within the menu.

First press on the “lock screen and password” option, after that select “advanced settings” to finally press on pocket mode and activate it.

Once this function is activated, when you put the phone in your pocket automatically, the screen is deactivated.