Among the large number of applications that Xiaomi includes in MIUI is one that you probably have not seen: Google News (or Google News). By default it is inactive in those countries where this service cannot be used, like Spain. What do you want to use it? The process to make Google News visible is simple.

Any Android offers various ways to access the hottest news news. Discover is one of the most common, that set of news that Google offers on a good part of mobiles with just scroll the screen to the left, on desktops. Although it is not the only news section you have, Google News is an application that allows you to manage all current sources in detail. And Xiaomi includes it as standard in its devices.

Xiaomi includes Google News in MIUI, although it is disabled

Xiaomi mobiles that are distributed in countries like Spain offer the usual Google applications as well as their services. The Play Store is included, of course, also applications such as Duo, Messages and the phone. MIUI offers Discover news on new phones. And a hidden pearl in the system ROM: Google News.

Google News returns to Spain: links to news return seven years later

Given that Google withdrew the news service from Spain following the entry into force of the Intellectual Property Law in 2014, Xiaomi deactivates the application on its Spanish mobiles so that users cannot access the service. The most logical thing would be to remove Google News from the pre-installed apps, but it remains in MIUI as just another app. Of course, disabled.

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To use Google News, you probably don’t need to install the APK if you have a Xiaomi mobile with MIUI: the app should be in the system. The way to activate it is as follows:

  • Go to the phone settings and look for the “Applications” section.
  • Go to “Manage applications”.
  • Click on the three upper menu points and select “Show all apps“.
  • Type “news” in the search engine and MIUI should locate the app we are looking for, Google News.
  • You will see that it is disabled: enter the Google News settings and click on the lower icon, on the “Activate” icon.
  • Google News will appear among your applications and you can use it just like the rest of the apps. Of course, MIUI will deactivate it again if you do not change the region of the phone.
  • Activating it when you use it is not too complicated, but you can prevent MIUI from deactivating Google News: go back to the phone settings, go down to “Additional settings”, enter “Region” and choose a territory other than Spain. Andorra usually works. Or Mexico, for example.
Google News Miui Xiaomi

Activating a different region from the original does not imply excessive inconveniences beyond the appearance or disappearance of certain applications (MIUI includes pre-installed apps that are shown depending on the region). For updates it is best that you return to Spain before downloading them.