Xiaomi compares its smartphone with the iPhone: Internet users debate

Xiaomi compares its smartphone with the iPhone: Internet users debate

Within the new post-pandemic normality, smartphones have positioned themselves as one of the essential devices for millions of people, who through them now study, work, obtain entertainment and trade; however, within the current market, there are a large number of purchase options in terms of smartphone developers, becoming one of the most competitive markets with alternatives for all pockets and all tastes; As it shows Xiaomi, who made use of direct graphic advertising and opened a debate among consumers by compare with him iPhonefrom Apple.

Derived from the forced social confinement, various technologies were highly benefited, since their number of users grew exponentially, such is the case of the deliverycontent consumption streaming and the universe gamer among others, sectors driven by the growing number of smartphone users, which has exceeded 3 billion by the end of last year, according to what was pointed out by newzoo.

These are the brands that lead the smartphone market worldwide, it should be noted that the variety offered by each of these companies is not only limited to the physical and personalized characteristics of the devices, but also to their digital capabilities, tools that offer and the price at which they are offered within this market.

Xiaomi compare your smartphone with the iPhone: netizens debate

The use of smart devices has become such that only within the national territory, it is estimated that there are just over 88.2 million Mexicans have a smartphone, cifra representing just over 75.5 per cent of the population aged six and overthis according to what was indicated by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI).

Within the market there are brands that have positioned themselves as the great favorites, such is the case of Apple, Samsung either Xiaomifirms that fight for the first place in preferences, since iPhone point out that until the end of last year, the brand had sold little more than 85 million devices, according to what was declared by Manzana; IDC, while Samsung recorded sales of just over 275 million smartphones, in front of the 190.3 million smartphones sold by Xiaomi.

This figure shows the existing rivalry, which has now been shown from the publicity made by Xiaomiwhich generated various reactions among the digital community, since, as an Internet user mentions, “one of the current advantages of world trade is that everyone can buy what they want.”

According to what was indicated within the comparison exposed by Xiaomiit seeks to show that the high-end devices of this firm are at the level of those sold by the manzanita, taken as a comparison Xiaomi 12s and the iPhone 13; however, within the comments it has been pointed out that this is not entirely true, alluding to a competitive in its photography, functionality and ecosystem.

Also, within the digital conversation, various rivalries have been alluded to, famous within the technology sector, such as Canyon Y Nikon, microsoft Y Sony on the subject of video games or Android and iOS.

For consumers, it is important to be able to know the differences that exist within the market, as well as the particularities that each device offers, since it is thanks to these that more informed purchase decisions can be made.

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